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Gavin's blog -day 6

Posted by webmaster on April 22, 2013 at 5:00 AM

So I thought that I would have an 'Honest Sunday' yesterday.


Unable to find anywhere to go to meet young ladies i have succumbed to the Internet. Had three dates last week . . . all perfectly lovely ladies but not a spark.


I suddenly thought that probably my . . . ahem . . . mercurial personality (ahem again|) might be the problem. I mean I just can't shut the fuck up. And the more I gabble, the more nervous I get and , we.., I'm not sure about the dates but I scare the shit out of me.


So I thought . . . let's get that elephant out in the open . . . no not that one Kahn Johnson . . . and let the ones I'm still talking to know about the band. Bollox I thought. Just get it out there.


So I wrote to each of them and said here's the website . . . I'm not doing the documentary yet . . .I aint that fekkin mad . . . and said this is me and my best mates and if its a problem just block me.


The results? Well two have come back and said essentially fekkin right on . . .let's meet.


One has written back that it was scary and she was blocking me. One that it was scary and she aint blocking me. The others have not replied which I reckon is a result!


Get in . . .


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